White supremacy and racial injustices have become rampant. They have been coherent, especially by the effectiveness of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. The most recent and eminent encounter is George Floyd’s brutal police attack. It has been a reason for the flourish of Asian American bloggers and influencers. For instance, Chung, a full-time graphic designer, garnered about 9,000 followers on her recent infographic that went viral. All these are the results of George Floyd’s protests and awareness campaigns. The incident caused an uproar on social media, reflecting how people feel about racial discrimination globally.

Videos concerning social violence and racism have become an avenue to accumulate hashtags and trending topics. This has been evident, especially on Facebook, which is the site with the most online users. Others have projected their brutalities on these platforms labeling black lives as thugs. BLM’s misconception is that some people think that black lives should be valued more than others. Nonetheless, this is not the case, but they should be weighed equally in society.

Also, it turns out that people are not utmost upset by blacks’ brutalities and deaths, as they perceive less media attention. Instead, it has been deployed as a movement that escalates the awareness of surging in black people’s killings compared to any other race. It has become a notion that people are tending to ignore.

Police brutality has become eminent with systemic abuse of the blacks. Extreme and unwanted actions have been executed, leading to more deaths of innocent black men and women. It has also diminished the parameters of respect which has posed more harm than protection.

The white race has also seen this movement as a threat, which lures people to defy the rules. Thus, their actions are viewed as disrespecting the laws, which maintain the white dominance. Some express negative thoughts that they cannot imagine the dangers of living as a black person. They have foreseen the lives of black people as threats rather than victims.

The inhuman actions of brutality have been viewed as irrelevant in terms of race and gender, which do not reflect social inequality. Hence, they do not view themselves as oppressors of other races by ignoring the current trends and patterns of racial injustices.